Saigon Charlie's Chili Sauce

"Hue Way Hot"

Vietnam Chili sauce Tương Ớt Huế Way Hot

The fieriest chili in the land, a whole bottle full of heat and spices from the central coast.   

We don't know exactly what was the emperor's first impression of foreign traders was, but we do know that he liked the new experience of chili peppers they brought with them. The center of Vietnam is famous for having the spiciest dishes, the combination of crushed herbs, citrus notes and aromatic barks and seeds all infused with a healthy dose of the worlds most widely travelled chili pepper: the Birds-Eye. After 3 centuries the local cultivar known as 'ớt hiểm has adapted to the climate and the soil. It has a fresh citrus aroma and an impeccable 'first bite'. We mix it fresh, dried and smoked all at the same time together with our signature recipe of char-sauteed garlic, onions, apple cider vinegar and mortars of fresh-ground spices. If you are a fan of flavor, a champion of a fast sting chili and love a cold drink - this is the hot sauce for you.


18 months shelf life

6 months after opening

Our flagship sauce